HO Scale Model Railroad April Updates

by David Koch
The basic operation of the Georgia & Tennessee Railroad is a local freight making the rounds enabled by a simple push of a button.  What lurks beneath the table is sophisticated state-of-the-art computerized command control foundation. This already provides the capability to operate multiple trains anywhere on the layout using a smartphone app to control the engines.
What is coming soon are automated scenes illustrating the operation of a turntable, a visually and audibly stimulating mine train scenario, and an upgrade to basic operation with the addition of a second train when you push the button.
The model railroad continues to grow in subtle ways.  During the current detail phase, changes don’t have the same “wow” impact of large scenes or new structures.  Simple additions like lights illuminating the Fulton Cotton loading area and parking lot make you notice the cracks in the road and bales of cotton being unloaded from the box cars.
Rusty broken down farm equipment and old tires are strewn around the grounds of the dilapidate buildings.  These details tell a story, bring a scene to life, and makes an awesome model railroad a masterpiece.

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