522 - Flat Car with Burro Crane - Chattahoochee Valley Railroad
This unit was used in light maintenance service. It was built by Industrial BrownHoist.
JX635 - Jordan Spreader
This unit was used to spread the ballast that supports the ties and rails. “Wings” smooth the roadbed edges or can cut drainage ditches alongside the track.
3558-AB - Tool Car - Western Union
This wood car was built c. 1930 as part of special Western Union work trains to maintain extensive networks of trackside poles and lines. It was donated in 1966.
1015 - Milk Car
This General American Pfaudler unit was used on the Boston & Maine Railroad under lease by H.P. Hood & Sons Dairy. It was later used by L&N/CSX as a water car.
9028 - Boxcar - Seaboard Air Line
This car was built in 1926 by Pressed Steel Car Company as a gondola, and later rebuilt as a boxcar in 1936 by SAL. It was donated in 1965.
55558 - Refrigerator Car - Fruit Growers Express
Built c. 1940 and privately owned by Fruit Growers Express for shipment of their produce. Two bunkers, one at each end of the car, held blocks of ice to keep the interior cool. Constructed of wood.
11403 - Bulkhead Flat Car - Central of Georgia
This car was built in 1965 by Thrall Manufacturing of Chicago for Central of Georgia. It was donated to the Museum by Norfolk Southern in 1996.
993359MW - Hopper - Norfolk Southern
This hopper was built in the N&W Roanoke shops. This is a class H11A unit, and was donated to the Museum by Norfolk Southern in 1996.