HO-Scale Model Railroad January Updates

The model railroad design crew at the Southeastern Railway Museum has been very busy working on updating and completing scenery.

The engine facility is now full of old greasy steam engines and sleek new diesels pushing there way onto the North Georgia countryside. The crew at Mystery Mountain Mine gather around the camp fire after a long day digging iron ore. A lake reflects the rocks and trees that dot the mountains hulking over the town of Lost Mountain.

The effects experts have been busy bringing the layout to life with lights and sounds. Smoke stacks and water towers warn low flying aircraft with flashing red beacons. Street lights illuminate people shopping for vegetables as town folk relax in their apartments above the shops. Passengers wait at the depot for the train to take them to neighboring towns, and the bells at the cement factory crossing warn drivers to wait for the oncoming train.

Some extremely talented people have joined the team and jumped in to super-detail scenes, add lights, and make trees. Generous museum members have expressed their appreciation of the hard work with donations of engines, rolling stock, and provided much needed financial assistance.

Trains now operate every day the museum is open. The Georgia and Tennessee Railroad was a “diamond in the rough” not long ago with a combination of beautifully detailed scenery and a lot of bare wood and chicken wire. The enthusiastic crowds and shouts of “wow” from the young kids drive us to keep up the energy level and continue to build exciting awesome scenes.

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