F70413 – Bunk Car – Seaboard Airline
Built c. 1930 by Seaboard as a maintenance mobile bunkhouse for track maintenance workers, it is equipped with a coal stove, shower, icebox and bunks for six. It is constructed of wood. It was donated in 1960.
200 – Kitchen Car – U.S. Army
This car was built in 1944 and used to prepare and serve food on troop trains. It was donated in 1966.
C-271 – U.S. Army Self-Propelled Crane
American DiesElectric built this 50-ton self-propelled crane in 1953 for the Army Transportation Corps. It was donated in 1992.
Log Cart
A DeFuniak Springs, Fla., logging company used this two-wheel, one-axle cart to move logs from where they were cut in the forest to a loading area for transport to the saw mill. Carl Adkison operated used this mule-powered cart during the 1930s. The cart has a winch to pull one end of the log off the ground. Mules then dragged it to a loading area for its trip to the sawmill. Click here to read more about the history of log carts.
Park Train
The Park Train dates to 1957, when it started service at the Birmingham, Alabama, Zoo. Long dormant, two locomotives and four cars were donated to the Museum in 2000. The train we operate, in Atlantic Coast Line colors, was carefully restored and returned to service in 2012. We are currently seeking funding to restore and operate the second train set, likely in Southern Rwy. paint. To donate please go to the Donation Page and specify “Park Train.”.