Pullman “Marco Polo” Sleeper/Lounge/Observation Private Car

Pullman Private car Marco Polo which was Norfolk Southern Office Car 30 was built by Pullman in Chicago in 1927.  It was used on many occasions by Franklin Delano Roosevelt while he was Governor of New York and the President of the United States traveling to Warm Springs, GA.  The Marco Polo was sold to the Central of Georgia Railway and became their Office Car “Savannah.”  After the Central of Georgia merged into the Southern Railway, the “Savannah” became an entertainment venue for their corporate office in Washington D.C.  The Norfolk Southern Corporation upgraded the car in 1989 in Roanoke, VA, and returned it to its original name Marco Polo.  We are pleased that Norfolk Southern has partnered to display the Marco Polo at our museum.  We will be offering docent-led tours on a scheduled basis.  Please check our calendar regularly for updates.

Status: Stored – Pending display in our main exhibit building.

Pullman “Superb” Sleeper/Lounge/Observation Private Car

Built in March 1911, this Pullman unit is the second-oldest steel private car in existence. Superb was used by President Warren Harding for his 1923 cross-country tour; later it carried his casket in a funeral train from San Francisco, to Washington, D.C., and to Marion, OH. This is a heavyweight car bearing the original floor plan which is a 3 Compartment/2 Staterooms Lot 3847, Plan 2503.  In addition to being used by President Harding the car also served in several other capacities.  It was renamed “Pope Pius XI” and painted red in 1926 for the “Cardinal’s Train” between New York City and Chicago.  It also carried the name “Los Angeles” during its ownership by Pullman.  The Superb was sold to the Charleston and West Carolina Railroad which was merged into the Seaboard Coastline Railroad and became their office car 301. Superb/301 was donated by SCL in 1967. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.
Status: On exhibit and open for self-led tours.

Pullman “Washington Club” Sleeper/Solarium Lounge 
This premier-class sleeper was built in 1930 by Pullman. It offers 8 sections, and has a lounge, kitchen, and sunroom. This unit is the sole survivor of 35 Pullman-built club cars with sunrooms. This is a heavyweight car with the original floor plan and fixtures. Originally assigned to Union Pacific’s Portland Rose; purchased in 1948 by Atlantic Coast Line. It was donated in 1961.
Status: Currently Closed – Pending restoration.

Norfolk Southern 17 10-6 Sleeper Tugalo River
Built in 1949 by Pullman Standard for the Southern Railway as number 2019. It is one of 46 10-roomette, 6-bedroom sleeper cars built for the Crescent passenger train. It was purchased in 1997.
Status: Currently Closed – Pending restoration.

2092 – Slumber Coach – Amtrak
Built by Budd in 1959 for the NYC 20th Century Limited number 10802, it was later sold to NP, renumbered as 335, and named Loch Arkaig in 1964. It passed into Amtrak service through CB&Q. It was donated in 2006.
Status: On exhibit

Sleeper Thomas Ruffin– Southern Railway
This car was built by Pullman in 1929 for the Crescent Limited. Originally built with 10 sections (upper and lower berths) and two drawing rooms, it was modified in 1935 to its current configuration of 10 sections, two bedrooms, and one drawing room. This is a heavyweight car that was donated in 1965.
Status: On exhibit; exterior viewing only

112 – Tavern/Lounge – Clinchfield Railroad
This car was built for L&N as baggage car number 1416 and was later converted to a “bar car” in 1970 for use on Clinchfield Railroad excursions in 1970. It was donated in 1993 and serves as our meeting and party car.
Status: Used as our  meeting/party car

3168 – Diner – Southern Railway
This car was built by Pullman in 1926 with original seating for 36. It was rebuilt in 1948 to accommodate 48-seat cafe-style service. The original kitchen is intact. It was donated in 1971.
Status: On exhibit

3780 (1104) – Passenger Coach – Southern Railway
Pullman built this heavyweight coach in 1922 for CNO & TP with seating for 72. The original interior is preserved, including “walkover” seats with movable backs. It was donated in 1959.
Status: On exhibit

527 – Passenger Coach – Central of Georgia
This coach was built for the Central of Georgia in 1924 by Pullman. It operated on interline name trains Flamingo, Dixie Limited, and Seminole. A heavyweight car seating 60, it was donated to the Museum in 1966.
Status: On exhibit; exterior viewing only

662 – Passenger Coach – formerly Central of Georgia
Built in 1946, this coach was used on the Nancy Hanks passenger train between Atlanta and Savannah.
Status: On lease to the TVRM/Hiawassee River Railroad

651 (1111) – Passenger Coach – Central of Georgia
Built in 1937 by Bethlehem Steel with seating for 66, it ran in joint service with Illinois Central on Chicago-Florida trains. This is a lightweight car and is the sole survivor of its type. It was donated in 1968.
Status: On exhibit; backup car for train ride

812 – Passenger Coach Charlottesville– Southern Railway
This is a lightweight coach built by Pullman for Tennessean in 1940. Constructed with stainless steel, it sets 56. It was donated in 1968.
Status: On exhibit

1078 – Passenger Coach – Southern Railway
This unit was built in 1922 by Pullman, with seating for 46. It was modernized by Southern Railway in 1935 and again in 1955. It was donated in 1971.
Status: On exhibit

1212 – Passenger Coach – Southern Railway
This heavyweight coach was built in 1917 by Pullman with seating for 44. It was modified in 1940 into a partitioned configuration for use during the segregation years (“Jim Crow”). It was modernized in 1953. The coach was donated in 1968.
Status: On exhibit

307 – Business Car – Atlantic Coast Line
This heavyweight car was built by Pullman in 1924 and later converted to a business car by ACL. It was donated in 1982.
Status: On exhibit