405 – Baggage Car – Central of Georgia

This unit was built in 1916 by Pullman as a cavalry horse carrier, and later converted to a baggage car. It was donated in 1968.

  • Status: On exterior exhibit.

1701 – U.S. Railway Post Office Grand Junction – Southern Railway

This stainless steel car was built by Pullman for the Tennessean passenger train. Post office cars were used to sort mail while in motion for subsequent delivery to destinations. This unit was donated in 1970.

  • Status: On exhibit

153 – U.S. Railway Post Office – Southern Railroad

This half post office – half baggage car was built in 1928 by Bethlehem Steel. Mail compartment side doors equipped with steel catcher arms allow the pickup of mail pouches while on the move. This unit was donated in 1968.

  • Status: In storage