XC7871 – Transfer Caboose – Southern Railway
This caboose was built in the 1950s and was used to transport workers and materials to work sites. It was donated in 1980.
500837 – Caboose – Norfolk & Western
This class C19 caboose was built in 1940 for P&WV as number 837. It was later acquired by N&W in 1964 and was subsequently donated to the Museum in 1989. Click here to read more.

X-92 – Caboose – Central of Georgia

This wood constructed unit was built in 1916 as a ventilated box car. It was converted to a caboose in 1942 by Central of Georgia’s shops. It was donated in 1970.

  • Status: On exhibit

01077 – Caboose – Seaboard Coast Line

This steel class M6 caboose was rebuilt in 1970 and donated in 1997.

  • Status: On exhibit

2156 – Caboose – Southern Railway

This is a wood caboose built in 1915 by Southern Railway. It was last used in service by Vulcan Materials, and was donated to the Museum in 1979.

  • Status: On exhibit

2866 – Caboose – Georgia Railroad

Converted from a 1945 boxcar in 1970, this steel bay window caboose was used to carry passengers in mixed train service on the Georgia Railroad. It was donated in 1982.

  • Status: On exhibit

2489 Caboose – Georgia Railroad

This caboose was built during the WWII steel shortage by the Georgia Railroad’s shops. The frame and ends are from an otherwise rusted-out 1923 boxcar, with 2′ x 6′ boards attached to the inside of the frame. It was donated in 1972.

  • Status: In storage