2 – GE 44 Ton Diesel Switch Engine – Hartwell Railroad

This is a 44-ton General Electric switcher built in 1950 for the Hartwell (Georgia) Railroad. It was donated in 1985.

  • Status: Stored – Awaiting cosmetic restoration.

3 – GE 50 Ton Diesel Switch Engine – Southeastern Railway Museum

Built 1948, General Electric for Anglo-Canadian Paper Company.  50 ton unit.  Later Hudson Bay Mining 101.

  • Status:  In service.

B70 – Baldwin-Westinghouse Diesel Locomotive – Armco Steel

Built 1929, Baldwin-Westinghouse, for Butler Works of ARMCO Steel. Third diesel locomotive built by Baldwin-Westinghouse; first sold commercially; oldest Baldwin-built diesel still in existence. Has Pyrex windows to withstand steel mill temperatures. Originally had control cab on each end but both were later placed on the same end to accommodate a larger prime mover. Donated 1963. Read more about the B-70.

  • Stored – Awaiting cosmetic restoration.

104 – GE 44 Ton Diesel Switch Engine – NYO&W & Hartwell Railroad

This 44-ton unit was built by General Electric for the New York, Ontario & Western Railroad as number 104. It later became Hartwell Railroad number 5.

  • Status: Stored – Out of service.

1026 – EMD GP7 Locomotive – Georgia Railroad

This locomotive was built in 1950 by EMD. It was acquired from the Tennessee Valley Railway Museum in 2004.

  • Status: In service and on display.

6901 – EMD E8A Diesel Passenger Locomotive – Southern Railway

Built in 1951 by the Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors, this unit routinely powered the Atlanta to Washington D.C. portion of the Crescent passenger train. One of 4 existing Southern E8a units, it was donated in 1979.  It was selected to be donated by Southern Railway in 1979 due to being the last Southern Railway locomotive to lead the Southern Crescent from Atlanta to Washington D.C. before the train was moved to being a part of the Amtrak nationwide passenger train network.

  • Status: Undergoing routine maintenance.

2326 – S4m Diesel Switch Engine – Louisville & Nashville Railroad

Built 1951, American Locomotive Company (ALCO) for Louisville & Nashville Railroad.  S4.  Rebuilt with an EMD 12-567C prime mover, re-classed as S4m, c. 1970.  Horsepower: 1,200.  Donated by Gerdau Ameristeel in 2010.

  • Status: Stored – Pending cosmetic restoration.

2594 – EMD GP30 Locomotive – Southern Railway

This unit was built by EMD c. 1962 with the high short hood that was typical of Southern Railway. This locomotive was donated in 1993.

  • Status: On lease to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, Chattanooga, TN.

8202 – EMD SW7 Diesel Switch Engine – Southern Railway

Built c. 1950 by EMD for the Georgia, Southern & Florida Railroad, as SW7. The unit has 1,200 horsepower and was donated in 1982.

  • Status: Mechanical restoration in progress.

8954 – EMD SD45-2 Diesel Locomotive – CSX/Seaboard Coast Line

Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) built CSXT No. 8954 in August 1974 for the Seaboard Coastline Railroad as their No. 2049. It was one of only 136 SD45-2 diesel-electric locomotives the McCook, Illinois-based EMD constructed between 1972 and 1974 and the last of the model developed. CSX donated the locomotive in August 2018.

  • Status: On display.


“General II” – 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive

Originally built by Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philidelphia, PA. in 1919 as engine No. 104 for the Red River & Gulf Railroad, the locomotive moved to Gulf Sand & Gravel Co. in 1950 to become Comite Southern No. 1. The Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad acquired the engine in 1961. It became known as “General II” when it was rebuilt and cosmetically altered to resemble the “General”, the locomotive made famous by the Andrews Raid and locomotive chase through northwest Georgia during the Civil War. Driving wheel diameter – 60 inches Tractive effort 13,800 lbs using a boiler pressure of 180 psi & Walschaerts valve gear. Donated by the Stone Mountain Memorial Association in 2007 and moved to the museum in 2008.

  • Status: On display.

9 – Steam Logging Locomotive – Campbell Limestone

Built in 1924 by Heisler for the Kentucky Lumber Company of Sulligent, Alabama. The tractive force is 24,160 pounds. Donated in 1979 by Campbell Limestone Company in Liberty, SC.  Read more about the Heisler here.

  • Status: On display.

21 – 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive – Chattahoochee Valley Railroad

This locomotive was built in 1924 by Baldwin for the Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway passenger service as number 201. It was sold to the Chattahoochee Valley Railroad in 1935.

  • Status: On display.

97 – 0-6-0T Steam Switch Engine – Georgia Power

This switcher was built in 1943 by Porter for the Army Corps of Engineers and originally bore number 5050. This is a side-tank oil burner, and was donated in 1965.

  • Status: Stored – Awaiting restoration.

203 – 2-10-0 Steam Locomotive – Gainesville Midland

This Baldwin built locomotive bears 52″ drive wheels. Built in 1928, it was originally in service with the Alabama, Tennessee & Northern and then the Gainesville Midland RR and saw service there until 1959.

  • Status: Stored – Awaiting cosmetic restoration.

290 – 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive – Atlanta & West Point

This Heavy Pacific locomotive was built in 1926 by Lima. It bears 74″ drive wheels and powered the Crescent Limited passenger train between Atlanta and Montgomery. It was featured in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.

  • Status: Stored – Awaiting cosmetic restoration.

750 – 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive – Savannah & Atlanta

This Light Pacific locomotive with 69″ driving wheels was built in 1910 by ALCO for the Florida East Coast Railway and powered their “Railroad that went to sea” on the Key West extension.  When the Key West route was abandoned following the 1935 hurricane, FEC had a surplus of power and S&A purchased this unit.  It was featured in the movie Biloxi Blues and Seabiscuit and was donated to the museum collection in 1962.

  • Status: On display.

1509 – 0-4-4 Steam Switch Engine Maud – Southern Railway

This Forney type locomotive was built in 1876 for the Atlanta and Charlotte Air Line by Baldwin for passenger service.  Later used by Southern Railway as a shop switcher assigned to Atlanta.

  • Status: Stored awaiting cosmetic restoration.