In the Community: Duluth Historical Society Announces Impact Awards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Duluth Historical Society 2018 Impact Awards

The Duluth Historical Society ended the year by recognizing two civic minded people who continually go beyond the call of duty, are devoted to their neighbors, influence those they come in contact with and support community events. In 2018 the Impact Awards were presented to
two individuals who are deserving of this recognition, Cindy Brown and Mark Williams.

Cindy Brown has had a lifetime role model in her mother, Marilyn and together they partner in many community events, including many hospitality opportunities at high school events. This partnership is cemented in the desire to serve others. Cindy is now the second generation of her family impacting children in and around the Duluth area in her dance studio through involvement in their lives, in their dreams and in their art. She has been in business for 39 years providing outstanding community performing arts opportunities with young children as a major focus. She desires no fanfare but derives her satisfaction from the mere pleasure of knowing she is making a difference. She provides a positive effect upon the general public through her work with children, presenting them in action at numerous events and giving of herself so generously. Cindy offers her time and patience, her support and expertise while serving on different boards and organizations throughout the community. Thank you, Cindy, for your commitment to making Duluth a better place for all.

Mark Williams follows in the steps of his father and has his son presently working alongside him serving the community of Duluth. With 49 years in business, now in its third generation, Mark and his son are known to consistently offer a hand and make things happen for many individuals, organizations, both profit and non-profit, asking nothing in return. It gives them pleasure to help, assist, and work with and for others impacting them in ways never totally known or understood. Mark needs and wants no recognition; the self-satisfaction of knowing each day hehas made a difference in his community keeps him motivated to continue to serve his neighbors. Mark has served as a member of the Duluth Merchants Association, Duluth Fall Festival, and was one of the dreamers and developers of Duluth’s McDaniel Farm park and recreation area. Historically neighbors have impacted one another for generations from barn raisings to pot luck dinners, community gardening, and fence mending to fundraising.

For generations ordinary people become extraordinary people when they give from the heart to others, not because they have to but because they want to. Service to our neighbors makes a difference in both their lives and those who impact them. Whether it be a neighbor where we live, work, or play. Most often the work is done behind the scenes. Cindy Brown and Mark Williams are two such role models for all generations – young and old. Congratulations to these most deserving silent servants and community leaders! Life is just better knowing they are impacting our community.

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