I think we all have that question when we see a vehicle in a museum. Yes, some of our antique vehicles do run. The 1935 Pontiac Taxi Cab and the Underground Atlanta 1938 Ford Panel Truck are in running condition. The 1935 Pontiac normally guards the entrance to the Exhibit Hall in Building 1. It does escape for some Vitamin D from time to time. The rear hinged “suicide doors” on both the front and rear of the car is a distinguishing feature for the 1935 Pontiac. This is the only year Pontiac used both front and rear suicide doors on.


The Underground Atlanta 1938 Ford Panel Truck normally resides at the front of Building 1. It escapes for some rays also. The 1938 and 1939 Ford Panel and Pickup trucks are distinguished by the oval outwardly curved shaped grill on the front of the hood. Occasional driving keeps these two in operating condition. Sorry, but driving privileges are restricted for these two vehicles.

Keep a lookout for these two out for a run!

Lloyd Neal

Photo Credit: Sam Rehonic, Author’s Collection

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