Expore Gwinnett Awards $7,500 to Southeastern Railway Museum

Explore Gwinnett announced it has awarded $115k in operational grants to 13 Gwinnett County non-profit arts and cultural organizations through the Gwinnett Creativity Fund (GCF), according to ta press release. Gwinnett Creativity Fund Project Grants provide financial support to Gwinnett County arts and cultural programs that will operate through July 2022 with the goal of continuing to expand the community’s diverse cultural scene.

Southeastern Railway Museum is awarded $7,500 to help maintain Georgia’s official transportation museum, bringing to life the cultural, technological, and historical importance of transportation.

“We were highly impressed with the quality of projects we saw during this grant cycle and are proud to grant even more funds than ever, expanding our qualification parameters beyond 501(c)3 organizations to 501(c)6 groups, as well,” said Lisa Anders, Explore Gwinnett’s executive director, who leads the Gwinnett Creativity Fund. “Every year that we are able to award these talented organizations with financial support is another year Gwinnett County continues its evolution into one of the area’s coolest, most unique, thriving arts and culture scenes.”

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