Celebrate Caboose Days with a virtual coloring contest

Today was supposed to be the first day of Caboose Days, our annual celebration of cabooses (some might say cabeese) and the railroad workers that called them home.

Then coronavirus (COVID-19) threw a spanner in the works (a nod to rail enthusiast Rod Stewart). But, we won’t let the fact we’ve had to close our doors dampen our homage to cabooses. We’re going to celebrate this venerable railroad car all week on Facebook.

First up is a coloring contest. It works like this. Take the PDF file below, give it to the young ‘uns (either by age or by heart) in your house, and tell them to color it as they see fit. BUT, they’re only allowed to do this if they share the results with us here on Facebook. We’ll pick a lucky winner and reward them with free train tickets (complete with a train ride) for a family of four!

Click here for the PDF.

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