Santa and Mrs. Claus visit the Southeastern Railway Museum

Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived at the Southeastern Railway Museum on board the Norfolk & Western caboose, greeted by throngs of exuberant children of all ages.

While waiting for the grand entrance of the Southeastern Railway Museum’s special guests, visitors took in the sights of the festively decorated Christmas trees that were sponsored by local businesses. Guests were given a chance to vote on their favorite adorned tree. A letter-writing station was available to eager children who wanted an early start on their Christmas wish list to Santa. Volunteers served traditional cookies and cocoa to visitors as they admired the exhibits in the museum.

When the hour finally arrived, the crowds moved outside to greet Santa and Mrs. Claus. With a toot toot of the whistle, the bright yellow diesel switch engine slowly chugged up the hill with Santa and Mrs. Clause who waved to the waiting crowds.

Mrs. Cindy’s dancers entertained the crowds by dancing to Christmas music. When Santa and Mrs. Claus alighted from the caboose, Mrs. Cindy’s dancers escorted the special guest to the front of the No. 750 steam engine where Santa and Mrs. Clause settled on a red-covered bench for the long-awaited “Pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus.”

The extensive line of children and parents, dressed in holiday attire, bordered the entire length of the Superb, Washington Club, and cab of the 750 steam engine. Guests came from many different places to visit the museum for this special event. According to a survey that was taken, visitors came from as far away as Romania, Salvador, Puerto Rico, Colorado, Greenville, S.C., Seattle, Washington, and Alabama. Within GA, guests traveled from Ballground, Cumming, Talmo, Atlanta, Swanee, Doraville, Buford, John’s Creek, Lilburn, Lawrenceville, and of course Duluth.

Santa and Mrs. Claus patiently held crying babies, bouncing toddlers, and chatted with older children. Parents and friends quickly captured the holiday moments with cameras. As the line for pictures with Santa dwindled down, visitors stopped in the gift shop to browse for train-related gifts. The model train display in the exhibit hall fascinated young and older train enthusiasts. After all, train sets are the most requested toy of all time. Santa even has a train set!

The day abounded with wide-eyed excitement and cheerful smiles as Santa and Mrs. Claus interacted with visitors. As always, all good things must come to a close and Santa and Mrs. Claus made tracks back to the polar regions of the North Pole by express train, no doubt! After all, the reindeer need to get all the rest they can before Christmas eve!

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