Museum Honors Representative Brooks Coleman

On May 1st, 2019, the Southeastern Railway Museum honored former Representative Brooks Coleman, Sr. for his committed support over the years to the Southeastern Railway Museum. John Pollock, President of the National Railway Historical Society’s Atlanta Chapter, presented Rep. Coleman with a plaque for the Transportation History Wall of Honor.

“The Wall of Honor was established a number of years ago to allow families and friends to honor individuals who had a career with the railroads or were instrumental in supporting or volunteering at the Museum. Brooks did not have a career in the railroad, but he has been a positive influence on many of us in the community and deserves a place on our Wall of Honor.”

Pollock characterized former Representative Coleman as a man of many talents who produces positive results in his endeavors.

Brooks Coleman was introduced to trains and transit as a child riding the streetcar on which his father worked as a motorman. Coleman began his career as an educator, starting out in the classroom, then progressing to school administration, and in due time he became the Chairman of the House Education Committee. Among his other talents and interests, Brooks is an auctioneer, motivational speaker, an avid storyteller, and he enjoys restoring clocks. Through his broad range of interests and charismatic personality, Representative Coleman has become a friend to many people.

“Whether holding forth at the Rexall Grill, hosting a concert at the Duluth Fall Festival, or speaking at a ground breaking dedication, I’ve never seen Brooks at a loss for words,” Pollock adds. “His infectious enthusiasm motivates many of us to go forward with our dreams.”

Brooks Coleman sponsored several bills benefiting the Museum and the local NRHS chapter, including a bill that named the Southeastern Railway Museum as Georgia’s Official Transportation Museum and a bill recognizing the 50th anniversary of the NRHS Atlanta Chapter. Brooks also came up with the inspiration to move the historic 1871 Duluth train depot from W. P. Jones Park to the Museum and facilitated many aspects of the relocation.

After Pollock’s cordial introduction of former Rep. Brooks Coleman Sr., others presented congratulatory comments on Coleman’s dedication and service, including Bonnie Rich, who replaced Brooks and is now the representative for District 97, and Duluth’s mayor, Nancy Harris. The plaque was unveiled and a framed certificate was presented to Coleman.

A reception in the Museum theater and an excursion through the Museum’s collection followed Coleman’s gracious acceptance speech to wrap up the Wall of Honor ceremony.

Ruth Hummel
Education Editor

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