Museum announcers winner of annual photo competition

The Southeastern Railway Museum announced the winners of its annual photo competition.

The museum received 122 entries, more entries than previous iterations of the contest.

“The variety of photos submitted to the contest showcase everything from the stars of the museum’s collection to the hidden gems of objects and artifacts. We had entries from professionals, amateurs, and moms with cell phones,” said Kristen Fredriksen, the museum’s photography coordinator. “We invited the public to get engaged, and there were more than 2,200 votes for People’s Choice, more than any previous contest.”

Winners of the 2019 photo competition are:


  • First Place: Jordan Hood “Work Train”
  • Second Place: Kenneth Williams “Old Mail”
  • Third Place: Franklin Adams “Conductor’s Best Friend”
  • Honorable Mentions: Joseph S. Randall “Tank Engine Up the Hill” and “Nighttime Work Train”, Terry Lovell “SRM Overview”, “Tractor Crossing”, and “Georgia Railroad Work Train”


  • First Place: Teddy Ferguson “Next Stop”
  • Second Place: Nichelle Kennedy Garrett “No Rush Hour”
  • Third Place: Jordan Hood “Draw of the Iron Horse”
  • Honorable Mentions: Nichelle Kennedy Garrett “Delivered”, Micheal Hoskins “All in the Family”, Instagram user @sage3creative “Happy Travelers”


  • First Place: Amanda Moon “The CTC”
  • Second Place: John Mace-Reeve “Flower Train”
  • Third Place: Gary Cullen “Got Sand”
  • Honorable Mention: Joy Lee “Aging with Grace”

People’s Choice

  • First Place: Brian Jones “Still Standing Watch”
  • Second Place: Nichelle Kennedy Garrett “Class in Coach”
  • Third Place: Joseph S. Randall “Barney & Mack”
  • Runners up: Amanda Moon “C’mon Ride the Train”, Brian Jones “Jeddo Coal #85”, Amy Flynn “Toddler Thursday”

The museum announced the winners during the recent Caboose Days event.

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