What’s New With SOU 6901

Andrew Durden, the Southeastern Railway Museum’s Chief Mechanical Officer, has compiled a list of work performed by Norfolk Southern on the Southern E8A during its nearly four-year absence. The Southeastern Railway Museum is very grateful to Norfolk Southern for the mechanical updates and for the return of a highlight of the museum’s collection.

Per the CMO:

  1. The locomotive was almost completely rewired, and most of the electrical switchgear was reworked or, in most cases, upgraded.  It received a TMV microprocessor-based control system, like the one used on NS Corporate F9 locomotives.
  2. Both trucks were completely reworked, with newer wheels with fresh profiles and plenty of “meat” left for future machining.  All of the traction motors were replaced with newer units that had been rebuilt.
  3. Both 12-567C engines received all new injectors and valve bridges, and fresh oil.  Engine #1 also received a new governor.  Engine #2 received at least one new water pump.
  4. The top ends of both air compressors were rebuilt.
  5. Any water or oil leaks were addressed.
  6. It appears that the thermostatic louver system got a rebuilt actuating cylinder and new magnet valves.
  7. The locomotive received a fresh set of batteries.
  8. Nearly all of the copper piping on the locomotive was replaced.
  9. The high voltage #1 motor lead was replaced, along with much of the wiring associated with the dynamic brakes.
The above list sums up the major projects but is not exhaustive.


Special thanks to Michael Reindl for submitting the following photo of SOU 6901 in Juniata.


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