Newly Acquired Log Cart Now on Display at Southeastern Railway Museum

DULUTH, Ga. — The Southeastern Railway Museum has placed on display a newly donated mule-powered log cart.

A DeFuniak Springs, Fla., logging company Carl Adkison operated used the cart during the 1930s. It was one of several carts Adkison used and survived after it was stored in a shed and away from the elements.

The two-wheel, one-axle cart has a winch to pull one end of the log off the ground. Mules then dragged it to a loading area for its trip to the sawmill.

Adkison’s son, L.L. Adkison Sr. worked with his father in the 1940s until joining the army in 1944. He later moved to the Atlanta area, where he operated Georgia Moulding Corp. He displayed the cart at the company where it was a local landmark for years.

L.L. Adkison Sr. kept the cart at his home after he retired from Georgia Moulding and made repairs to the cart, including replacing spokes of the wheels. He heated the metal rims on the wooden wheels and cooled them on for a tight fit. L.L. Adkison Sr.’s wife donated the cart to the museum, and the artifact was brought to the museum with the help of the Adkisons’ son, Lou (L.L. Adkison, Jr.).

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