Now on temporary exhibit inside Building 1 at the Southeastern Railway Museum is an assortment of fare collection-related MARTA objects. Items on display include a bus fare collection box, two token machines, and two turnstiles. In the early era of the streetcar, a motorman and a conductor would work together on two-man cars – the […]

Southeastern Railway Museum volunteers and members of the North Georgia Modurail model railroad club are back at work on the HO model train layout. The Georgia & Tennessee Railroad was donated to SRM and the decision was made to replace to original museum layout that was showing some age and in constant need of repair. After a pause in construction, a new team, consisting of original and new members, is now focused on completing a model railroad available for public display and operation. 

With the donation of a 1930s-era log cart, assistant librarian Lloyd Neal has compiled some research on the antique vehicles. Two-wheeled, animal-powered, wooden ‘log carts’ were used in the timber industry from the late 1800s up to the mid 1900s. Log carts could be found in a number of states in a variety of designs and […]

The caboose may be the most recognizable railroad car, but they are rarely seen on the rails today. Interestingly, the word caboose may derive from the Dutch word “kombuis.” It originally referred to a gallery on a ship. Since they first appeared on the railroad scene, “the caboose has been the post for those monitoring […]