We currently operate one locomotive and two passenger cars on a one-third-mile loop of track. Restoration is underway on a second locomotive with two matching cars to eventually offer more service on the Museum grounds. We are currently seeking $30,000 in donations, sponsors and limited naming rights to complete the project. Contact exec.director@train-museum.com for more information on completing this much beloved project.
Many of us fondly recall the small trains that operated throughout the country in many zoos, parks, and drive-in theaters. Trains such as these reached their peak popularity in the early 1960s. While some of these trains still operate throughout the country, most such attractions have faded away.
Several years ago two such park train sets were donated to the Southeastern Railway Museum. These train sets in Grand Scale (2 locomotives and 8 passenger cars) were originally purchased and used by the Birmingham Zoo. They were manufactured by the Minature Train Company (MTC) in 1957, and used by the zoo until they were retired in 1976. Our crew has lovingly restored some of the surviving equipment to operate this very popular attraction.
Thank you for your purchase of park train tickets, which directly support our operations.