During 2019, the museum board and staff retained First Community Development (FCD) to assist in creating a five (5) year strategic plan for the museum’s continued growth and development.

The plan calls for a number of enhancements to exhibits, infrastructure, staffing and training.  You can read the plan at this link.

After reviewing the plan, the board had FCD perform a feasibility analysis on the plan utilizing a series of confidential interviews.  The analysis showed broad support for the museum, specifically:

  • 95% of the interviewees were familiar with the museum.
  • 90% believe that SRM is effective in it’s mission
  • 90% considered the proposed plan “excellent, necessary and beneficial”
  • 78% indicated strong support for enhancing the museum’s educational programming
  • 63% rated modernizing the museum for growth as a ‘must be accomplished’ item.

For more details on the feasibility analysis, the full report is at this link.

The museum is currently (April 2020) working to revise the plan budget and items to fit within the feedback around community support for fundraising.  The initial plan above called for $4.75M over 5 years and the support levels indicate that $1M over 5 years is more likely to be achieved.  As we’re working on revising the overall plan, we are continuing to move forward on the educational enhancements starting with classroom space.  To make a donation, please visit our donations page.