From time to time we experience inclement weather in metro Atlanta.  The most challenging of the weather issues is winter snow and ice.

As a general rule, the museum will follow the lead of the Gwinnett County School system with regards to closing.  With less staff we will err on the side of caution though and will make the decisions we fill best in order to have a safe experience.

Announcements related to closing will be posted to the museum’s home page blog, the museum’s Facebook and generally on the 11Alive closings list.  Please consider saving links to each of these for future reference.

Regardless of the museum’s decisions around closing, there is personal responsibility that also plays into being out and about during winter weather.  Please consider the safest course of action when there is snow and/or ice on the roads and accept the guidance from DOT and public safety officials. You are best able to determine what’s safe for you and your family.