13 comments on “Polar Express Experience
  1. Courtney Jones says:

    How do I buy tickets? I don’t see anywhere to purchase.

  2. SRM Administrator says:

    Hi… Ticket link is under “website” above… https://southeasternrailwaymuseum.thundertix.com


  3. Casey Adams says:

    How long does the train ride take. My family is looking at the 330 movie time so what time would we be able to do the train ride

    • SRM Administrator says:

      The train ride is around 15 minutes long. The tickets for Polar Express Experience also allow you to explore the entire museum so we recommend allocating at least an hour to explore. You could come early, or stay after the movie.

  4. J. Trainor says:

    When will tickets be available? Are they available for 2017?

    • SRM Administrator says:

      Polar Express Experience for 2016 is sold out. Tickets for the 2017 season will go on sale around Sept 1, 2017.

  5. Meredith says:

    Sold out! 🙁

    We just moved to the area- if anyone CANT go that purchased tickets…. I would love to purchase them from you! 317.318.4919

  6. kathy says:

    it is not even Halloween and this is sold out. disappointing

  7. Juanita says:

    Please add more screenings! I had no idea it would sell out so fast. Please, Please consider adding another day!

  8. Sandyford says:

    Omg please add more days so we can enjoy it! This sold out so fast. Please let me know if you add any. Sandy 404-509-8609

  9. SRM Administrator says:

    We very much appreciate your support and are sorry the event sold out this year.

    Compared to 2015, we added 6 additional shows, 240 seats increasing our capacity by 50%. The volunteers in charge are already looking to see how we might increase again in 2017.

    Please consider our other Christmas events this year.

  10. Jill says:

    Do the kids where pjs?

    • SRM Administrator says:

      Weather permitting yes, a good percentage of children wear PJ’s to the show. Keep in mind that outside the Polar movie screening cars, a large amount of the museum is not climate controlled.

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